Vegetables are consumed by humans or other animals as food. Vegetables must be on the daily food list. Vegetables are a regular part of people's diet. Everyone eats vegetables regularly for good health. Vegetables increase the immunity of people to various diseases. Vegetables are essentials for healthy life.

List of Vegetables in Bangladesh:
Bangla Kodu/Lau (bottle gourd)
Aloo (potato)
Round Brinjal Green (Begoon)

Tomato Vegetable

Long Brinjal
Kasa Morris (chilli)
Mula (white radish)

Potato Vegetable

Chichingga (snake gourd)
Fulkopi (cauliflower)
Bandhakopi (cabbage)

Ladies Finger Vegetable

Lalshak (red amaranth)
Mishti Aloo (sweet potato)
Motor (peas)
Kolar Thor (banana flower)
Ladies Finger (Bhindi or dhedosh)br /> Potol

Kochur Loti Vegetable

Green Papaya
Kichur Mukhi
Coriander Leaves
Red Spinach
Long Brinjal Black
Kagozi Lemon
Long Lemon
Green Capsicum
Water Pumpkin
Pennywort (Thankuni) Leaves
Ridge Gourd B-Grade
Aloe Vera
Spring Onion
Lau Shak
Lemon Grass Stalk
Red Capsicum
Green Chili

Long Bean
Sweet Pumpkin
Bitter Gourd (Local)
Sweet Bitter Gourd
Banana green
Bombay Chili
Stolon Of Taro (Kochur Loti)
Sponge Gourd
Stolon Of Taro (Kochur Loti)

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List of popular Vegetable companies in Bangladesh

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