Charghat, Rajshahi
(চারঘাট, রাজশাহী)

Charghat is a upazila of Rajshahi district in the division of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Bangladesh Police Academy, Sharda Charghat Upazila has become very popular. Besides, Rajshahi Cadet College is also located in Sharda, Charghat. Charghat Upazila is located at the confluence of Padma Baral at a distance of 32 km from Rajshahi city. Sharda is located at a distance of 1.5 km from Charghat. Sharda is famous for Police Academy. Due to the development of business and trade, there was a time when the big steamers of different companies used to travel from Kolkata port to Steamer Ghat, Thanaghat, Thakur Bari Ghat and Babulaler Ghat in this area. It is said that the upazila was named after these four ghats. Earlier the area was called "Sherdah" meaning tiger village because tigers and other wild animals lived in the area. Later, the name of this area became Sardah from Sherdah.

Another upazila of Rajshahi district: Bagha, Bagmara, Tanore, Durgapur, Godagari, Mohanpur, Puthia, Paba

Some useful information of Charghat Upazila, Rajshahi:
Established in :
Area : 164.52 Sq. Km.
Population : 1,83,921 (approximately)
Thana : (Charghat Thana)
The number of voters : 1,30,907 (approximately)
List of Union Parishad : 6 (1 No. Yousufpur Union parishad, 2 No. Salua Union parishad, 3 No. Sardah Union parishad, 4 No. Nimpara Union parishad, 5 No. Charghat Union parishad, 6 No. Bhaya Laxmipur ).
Municipality: 1 (Charghat Munipality (Charghat Pourashava). Mayor: Ekramul Haque.

List of Govt. Primary School, High School, College, University:
sardah govt pilot high school

Educational Institutes of Charghat upazila, Rajshahi:

List of High School in Charghat upazila, Rajshahi:
Sardah Govt. Pilot High School (সরদহ সরকারি পাইলট উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়), Anupampur high School (অনুপমপুর উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়), Baduria high School (), Baludiar junior High School, Bamondhigi High School, Bankara high School, Barbaria high School, Charghat, Basudevpur High School, Belghoriaabdus Sattar High School, Bhatpara High School, Bongobondhumoare J.R. Girls School, Bonkishorehigh School, Budhirhathigh School, Charghat girls High School, Charghat Pilot High Schol, Chokegochor B.R.G. Junior Girls School, Chowmohinyhigh School, Chowmohonibegum Jaida Jalil Girls High School, Dakra M/L High School, Dhakra Junior Girls High School, harmohataadarsha Junior High School, Fudniparajunior High School, Goura Junior School, Halidagachidwi Mukhi High School, Holidagachi junior Girls School, Jafarpur Girl's High School, Jagirpara High School, Jikrahigh School, Jotkarticb.N. High School, Joypurjunior School, Kalabiparaadarsha High School, Kaluhatihigh School, Khardogovindopur High School, Maramotpurjunior Girl School, Mariahigh School(Char Ghat), Meramatpur Ershad Ali High School, Miapurkarbala Junior High School, Mohannagar Laxmipur Raymond Jubli Jr. School, Moktarpurhigh School, Mumglianupampur Adarsha High School, Nandangachi Girls High School, Nandangachiml. High School, Nawdara Di Mukhi High School, Nimparahigh School, Nimparajunior Girls School, Padmahigh School, Paitkhalihigh School, Pannapara High School, Paranpurhigh School, Patiakandihigh School, Poschimjhikr Junior High School, Raypur (Dakhin) High School, Raypurhigh School, Routhajunior School, Sadhipurhigh School, Salehashah Mohammod High School, Sardahadarso Junior School, Sardahahigh School, Sardaha Girl's High School, Shimuliajunoir High School, Sholuahigh School, Sirajuddin Sha Junior Girls School, Talbariajunior School, Uttarmaratpur High School, Yusufpurkrishi High School in Charghat upazila, Rajshahi.

List of Madrasah in Charghat upazila, Rajshahi:
Sardah Dakhil Madrasa, Baludiar Dakhil Madrasa, Bamon Dighi Islamia Dakhil Madrasha, Gobindapur Islamia Dahkil Madrasa, Habibpur Alim Madrasa, Kaluhati Dkhil Madrasah, Maria Mohila Dakhil Madrasha, Milik Laxmipur Darul Ulum Dakhil Madrasah, Mungli Darus Sunnah Dakhil Madrasha, Omargari Darul Khaer Dimukhi Fazil Madrasa, Pansh Baria Ershadia Alim Madrasha, Vialaxmipur Darus Salam Dakhil Madrasa in Charghat upazila, Rajshahi.

List of College in Charghat upazila, Rajshahi:
Charghat Alhaj M.A. Hadi College (চারঘাট আলহাজ্ব এম.এ. হাদি কলেজ) , Charghat Women's Degree College (চারঘাট মহিল ডিগ্রী কলেজ), Bhayalaxmipur Budhirhat College, Boral Adarsho Women College, Dakradegree College, Nandangachi Degree College, Rawthacollege, Raypurwomen College, Sahdah Women's College, Sardah Mohavidyaloya, Shahidziaur Rahman College, Sholua degree College, Yousufpurcollege, Charghat School And College, Rajshahicadet College, Bakra Technical And B.M. College, Baludiar Technical And B.M. College, Chandpural-Modina Technical High School, Charghat Technical And Business Management College, Dakra Secandary Technical And Vocational Institute, Khardogobindo Pur Technical And Business Management College, Meramatpur technical High School, Nawdara Technical And B.M. College, Padma Technical And Business Management Institute, Pannapara Technical And Business Management College, Shibpur Vocational And Business Management Institute, Tatarpur technical School in Charghat upazila, Rajshahi.

Govt. Primary School: 44

Technical College: 03
Cadet College: Rajshahi Cadet College.

List of Health center: Thanks Health Complex: 01, Union Health Center: 01, Community Clinic: 20

Post Office and Post code : Charghat postal code: 6270
Bank : Agrani Bank, Sonali Bank, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Janata Bank etc.
Literacy Rate: 64%
Total Land :
Main fruits: Mango, Jackfruit, Banana, Papaya, Litchi, Guava etc.
Main crops: Paddy, jute, sugarcane, wheat, black gram, mulberry, ground nut, turmeric, vegetables.
List of NGO: BRAC, ASA, Proshika, CARE, caritas, Thengamara mahila sabuj sangha etc.

Newspapers and periodicals Monthly: Mukta Kantha; Periodicals: Mitrika, Baghabarta, Sharani.

Main River: Padma, Shiba etc.
Cyclone Center:
Mosque: 341
Mandir : 30
Hat-Bazar : 14 (charghat bazar, Arani Hat, Bankra bazar, Budhir hat etc.
Freedom Fighters :
Shahid Freedom Fighters:
List of historical / famous place: Rajshahi Cadet College, Sarda; Bangladesh Police Academy, Sarda, Rajshahi.

Number and name of constituency: 57-Rajshahi-06 (Charghat-Bagha Upazila)
Md. Shahriar Alam, Member of Parliament(MP), Rajshahi-06
Political Party: Bangladesh Awami League

Chairman of Charghat Upazila: Md. Fakhrul Islam.
Vice Chairman of Charghat Upazila: Golam Kibria.
Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO): Syeda Samira (email:unocharghat@mopa.gov.bd)
Government web portal: Charghat upazila

Charghat Upazila Sightseeing/ tourist spot in Charghat, Rajshahi:

(1) Bangladesh Police Academy, Sardah in Charghat of Rajshahi District.
(2) Rajshahi Cadet College, Sardah in Charghat of Rajshahi District.
(3) Sluice Gate in Charghat of Rajshahi District.

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