Godagari, Rajshahi
(গোদাগাড়ী, রাজশাহী)

Godagari upazila of the northern district Rajshahi is the catchment area of ​​Padma river. Pramatta Padma river divides Godagari into east-west. This Upazila consists of 2 Municipality and 9 Union Parishad. Areas protected by flood control dams on the west and Barendra land on the east side. Varendra area is the reason why the communication system here is very developed. Civic amenities and standard of living are much better than before. Electricity, telephone-mobile, hospital, education etc. have improved the socio-economic conditions of the area. Godagari upazila's existing infrastructure, institutions and upazila sector-wise information of various government departments have been inserted.

Another upazila of Rajshahi district: Bagha, Bagmara, Paba, Durgapur, Charghat, Tanore, Godagari, Mohanpur, Puthia

Some useful information of Godagari Upazila, Rajshahi:
Established in: ---
Area: 475.26 Sq. Km.
Population : 3,30,924 (approximately) (up to 2011)
Thana: (Godagari Thana)
The number of voters: ----
Union Parishad: 9 (Godagari union, mohanpur union, pakri union, Rishikul union, Gogram union, Matikata union, Deopara, Basudebpur, Char Ashariadaha union parishad)
Municipality: 2 (Godagari Municipality (Godagari Pourashava), Kakonhat Municipality (Kakonhat Pourashava).
Village: 415
Upazila Land Office: , Union Land Office:
College: 14 (Godagari Government College, Godagari Women's Degree College, Pakri College, Matikata Adarsha Degree College)
High School: 63 (Godagari Government High School, Pirijpur High School, Matikata High School, Uttara Girls High School, Chayan High School, Kasimmala High School, Laskarhati High School, Godagari, Rajshahi).
Junior School:
Govt. Primary School: 162

Madrasha: 30 (Ayesha Saber Alim Madrasha, Godagari, Pirijpur Alim Madrasa, Darul Ulum Mohila Fazil Madrasa, Godagari Dakhil Madrasha, ZAYNUL ABEDIN ZAMEA ISLAMIAH MADRASHA, Shah Sultan Kamil Madrasa, Barai Para Madrasa, Godagari, Rajshahi).
Govt. Hospital : Godagari Upazila Health Complex, Rajshahi.

Godagari Upazila Sightseeing:

(1) Sarmangala Ecopark:Sarmangala Ecopark is located on the side of Godagari-Amanura road, just 3 km east from Daingpara junction of the upazila.
(2) Safina Park:Digram Khenjurtala is 8 km east of Godagari Upazila Sadar Daingpara on the side of Godagari-Amanura road. The green gathering of crops on both sides of the road will catch the eye of tourists and visitors while going to this Khenjurtala Safina Park.

Community Clinic:
Union Health Clinic: Dwippur Union Health Complex, Baghmara; Damaris Union Health & Family Planning Welfare center, Bambu union health and family welfare center ( FWC), Ujangram Union Health and Family Planning Centre, Alampur Union Health and Family Planning Centre, Ambaria Union Health and Family Planning Centre, Poradaha Union Health and Family Planning Centre etc.
Post Office and Postcode: Bagmara postcode: Godagari postal code: 6290
Bank: Sonali Bank Limited, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited etc.
Literacy Rate: 46.30% (Approximately).
River: Padma, Mohananda Rivr, Godagari, Rajshahi.
Cyclone Center:
Mosque in Godagari Upazila: 840 (Upazila Model Mosque, Mohishalbari Madrasha Mosque, Godagari Model Police Station Jame Masjid, Rail bazar jame mosjid and Eid gah, goadagari, Matikata Mollikpara Jame Masjid, Pirizpur Jame Mosque, C&B Jame Masjid, Mohishalbari Jalign Mosjid, Kuthipara Jame Mosque, Kapasiyapara Central Mosque, Dimvaga Jame Masjid, Umadullaher Mor Jame Masjid, Registry Office Mosque, Baganpara Jame Masjid, Barai para Jame Mosque, Daingpara Ahle Hadith Mosque).
Mandir :37
Hat-Bazar: 26 (Raja bari hat, Bidirpur hat, Gogram hat, Basudeb hat, Baliaghatta hat, Kadam shahor hat, Kakon hat, Godagari rail bazar, Vagantopur hat, Mohishal bari hat).
Freedom Fighters:
Shahid Freedom Fighters:

Number and name of constituency: 52 Rajshahi-1 (Godagari Upazila)
Omor Faruk Chowdhury, Member of Parliament(MP), Rajshahi-1
Political Party: Bangladesh Awami League

Chairman of Bagmara Upazila: Md. Jahangir Alam (Email:upzchairman@gmail.com)
Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO): Md. Abdul Malek
Government portal: Godagari

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