Mohanpur, Rajshahi
(মোহনপুর, রাজশাহী)

Mohanpur is an upazila of Rajshahi, known as the mango capital of North Bengal, Bangladesh. Atra upazila consists of 1 municipality and 6 unions. The name of the municipality is Kesarhat Municipality. A number of freedom fighters from Mohanpur Upazila received training in India in 1971 A.D. Responding to the call of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, they received training in India and participated in the Great Liberation War. Since the freedom fighters of Mohanpur were active in the 1971 AD independence war, there was no attack by Pak forces anywhere in this upazila during the 9 months of the war. The Pakistani army set up a Razakar camp in Sankoa Madrasa near Kesharhat and many people died due to the brutal torture of the Razakars of that camp. At the end of November 1971, the freedom fighters attacked the camp of Sankoa Razakar, captured the camp and freed Sankoa from Razakar. Mohanpur is south of Paba, north of Manda, east of Durgapur and Bagmara and west of Tanor upazila.

Another upazila of Rajshahi district: Bagha, Bagmara, Charghat, Durgapur, Godagari, Tanore, Paba Upazila.

Some useful information of Mohanpur, Rajshahi:
Established in:
Area: 162.65 Sq. Km.
Population: 1,70,021 (approximately)
Thana: (Mohanpur Thana)
The number of voters: 1,17,301 (approximately)
Union Parishad: 06 (Dhuroil union, Ghasigram union, Raighati union, Mougachi union, Bakshimoil union, Jahanabad union parishad).
Municipality: Keshorhat Pourashava (Keshorhat Municipality), Email:admin@keshorhatpourashava.com
Village: 138
Upazila Land Office: , Union Land Office: 2

Govt. Primary School: 81
Junior High School: 07
High School-31, Madrasha, Non-government commercial college, Private College, Technical College, Technical B.M. College, Vocational High School are given below:

Educational Institutes of Mohanpur, Rajshahi:

List of High School in Mohanpur, Rajshahi: 31
Mohanpur Government High School, Amrail high school, Mougachi High School, Fulsho High School, Mohanpur Cadet School,
Girls High School: 05

List of Madrasah in Mohanpur, Rajshahi: 18 (Mohanpur Dargahpara Alim Madrasah, Mohonpur Nurani Madrasha)

List of College in Mohanpur Upazila, Rajshahi: 15 (Mohanpur Government College, Mohanpur Girls Degree collage, Mohanpur Mohila College, T T C)

Government Hospital: Mohanpur Upazila Health Complex
Private Hospital: UHC Mohanpur, .
List of Private Health center: Mohanpur Upazila Animal Hospital

Post Office and Post code: Putia post code: 6220
Bank: 14 (Uttara Bank Limited Puthia Branch; Sonali Bank Limited Puthia Branch, Agrani Bank Limited Puthia Branch, Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank).
Literacy Rate : 51.3%
Total Land:
Fertile Land :
Main fruits: Mango, Jackfruit, Banana, Papaya, Litchi, Guava etc.
Main crops: Paddy, jute, sugarcane, wheat, black gram, mulberry, ground nut, turmeric, vegetables.
List of NGO: BRAC, ASA, Proshika, CARE, caritas, Thengamara mahila sabuj sangha etc.

Newspapers and periodicals Monthly: Mukta Kantha; Periodicals: Mitrika, Baghabarta, Sharani.

Main River: Shibu River & Barnoi River etc.
Cyclone Center:
Mosque: 402 (Mohanpur Bazar Jame Masjid, Mohanpur jame mosque, Hajrapara porbopara jame mosque, Amrail Sordarpara Jame Mosque, Mohanpur College Mosjid, Mohanpur Central Eidgah, Backshemoil Bazar Jame Mosque, Bakshimoil Jame Mosque, Baroi Para Jama Mosjid).
Mandir : 24
Hat-Bazar: 14 (Dhuroil hat, (ধুরইল হাট), Mahabbatpur hat (মহব্বতপুর হাট), Gocha hat (গোছা হাট), Shampur hat (শ্যামপুর হাট), Mougachi hat (মৌগাছি হাট), Basantokedar hat (বসন্তকেদার হাট), Ekdiltola hat (একদিলতলা হাট), Bakshimoil hat (বাকশিমইল হাট), Dhopaghata hat (ধোপাঘাটা হাট), Kuthibari hat (কুঠিবাড়ী হাট), Ullapara hat (উল্লাপাড়া হাট), Dhorsha hat (ধোর্ষা হাট), Jahanabad hat (জাহানাবাদ হাট)).

Best places to visit Mohanpur / famous places in Mohanpur, Rajshahi:

Freedom Fighters :
Shahid Freedom Fighters:
List of famous person in Mohanpur, Rajshahi: Shree Rakhal Chandra Das (31 March, 1932-23 April, 2003), he was one of the organizers of the liberation war. He was a teacher by profession, non-denominational social worker and dedicated life teacher in Mohonpur upazila, Rajshahi. Many people's lives have been enlightened by the light of education and he built by many enlightened people.

Number and name of constituency: 54-Rajshahi-3 (Paba-Mohanpur Upazila)
Md. Ayeen Uddin, Member of Parliament(MP), Rajshahi-3
Political Party: Bangladesh Awami League.

Chairman of Puthia Upazila: Md. Abdus Salam (Email:chairman.mohonpur@gmail.com)
Vice Chairman of Puthia Upazila: Mehbub Hasan Rassel
Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO): Md. Sanwar Hossain (Email:unomohanpur@mopa.gov.bd)
Puthia upazila

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