Nijhum Dwip
(নিঝুম দ্বীপ)

Nijhum Dwip is a small island in Noakhali, Bangladesh. It is a tract of land in the Bay of Bengal or the Indian Ocean, southwest of Hatiya, about 90 km from the city of Noakhali city Maijdee. Kamlar Char, Char Muri, Ballar Char and Charosman are the four islands and Nijhum Island is made up of chars in the Bay of Bengal. The area of Nijhum Island is 183.4 km. Other names of this island are Ichhamati Island or Balua Charba Ballar Char. This island is called Nijhum Island as it is very quiet. There is Nama Bazar in the island. There is no power supply in Nijhum Island.

Thousands of guest birds are seen on Nijhum Island in winter. There are about 35 species of birds on Nijhum Island. Kabiraj Char and Damar Char are very good places to see birds. Different types of deer can be seen here. Travelers come to Nijhum Island to see deer. There are about 40,000 deer here. Deer can be seen more at the end of Chowdhury canal. No other forest in the country like Nijhum Island has seen so many Chitra deer from so close.

Best time to visit Nijhum Dwip:

The best time to visit Nijhum Island is from October to mid-April. Nijhum Island is suitable for traveling as the weather here is good at this time. At other times of the year, the Meghna River and the Bay of Bengal are turbulent due to rains and storms.

Travel to Nijhum Island by River:

The easiest route from Dhaka to Nijhum Island, Hatia is by launch from Sadarghat to Hatiyar Tamrudi. Two launches operate regularly on this route.

From Tamarddi you have to go to Bandartila Ghat by bus-rickshaw or scooter. From here the trawler crosses the channel in about 15 minutes to Bandartila on Nijhum Island. This is one end of Nijhum Island, the main destination is the Nama Bazaar area at the other end. You have to take a rickshaw from Bandartila to the market.

Alternative land and sea travel to Nijhum Island:

From Dhaka's Mohakhali, Kamalapur and Sayedabad, Ekushey Express and Himachal Express buses go to Sonapur in Noakhali. The fare is 400-500 taka. Besides, the Upakul Express train leaves from Kamalapur station in Dhaka for Sonapur in Noakhali at 7 am. Chairman Ghat in CNG autorickshaw for 100 taka from Sonapur. Then you have to go to Nalchira Ghat by trawler. The rent is about 150 taka. From there by bus to Jahajmara Bazar. Rent 70/80 taka. Muktara Ghat on a motorcycle from Jahazmara Bazar. Rent 70/80 taka. From Muktara Ghat you have to go by engine boat to Nijhum Island Ghat. Rent 10/15 taka. From there you have to go to Namara Bazar, Nijhum Island by motorbike. The fare is 70/80 taka. However, the rent of trawler, boat, bus, motorcycle or rickshaw may increase with time.
The only good place to stay on Nijhum Island is the Nijhum resort for leisure tourism. Meals are available at the resort. Nijhum Resort can be booked from Dhaka. Rooms are available for rent in different quality rooms. There are four or five residential boarding houses at very low prices in the local market. In addition, the Forest Department and the Deputy Commissioner have post bungalows. Arrangements can be made to stay in these post bungalows with the prior permission of the concerned authorities.

There is no good quality food restaurant in Namar Bazaar. However, you can eat at a bargain price. Fresh food will be available at the Namar market. You can eat food with different types of fish at low prices. Also, there are some food hotels. Such as- Island Hotel, Bhai-Bhai Hotel and Hotel Sea-Bird etc. Here you can eat dried marine fish. But you will not get good sweet national food. Good quality dry goods are available on Nijhum Island.

Ways to get to Nijhum Island, accommodation and camping:

Nijhum Dwip location: Hatiya upazila, Noakhali District, Chattogram Division, Bangladesh. Distance from Dhaka to Nijhum Dwip is around 204 km. and Maijdee court (noakhali shohor) to nijhum dwip, hatiya distance is around 90 km.

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